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Robotics And Beyond is a full service advisory organization. We want to work with you to reach your technology education goals. Whether you do it or we do it, we do not want to leave any piece of the process unfinished.

We offer the following services:

  • Curriculum DevelopmentIt’s not easy to balance STEM educational requirements with an interesting and challenging curriculum. Our industry experience gives us unique insight into developing challenging programs that mirror real life engineering challenges.
  • Product SelectionThe robotics industry, as with most technology, changes rapidly. It is extremely difficult to stay abreast of these changes, to make sure you are not obsolete in a year, and to stay within budget. We will help you choose the appropriate educational robotics systems and software. We will guide you through compatibility issues between systems and we will help you make choices among the myriad of programming languages.
  • Implementation and SupportRobotics requires hardware, software, sensors, computers, and the know-how to tie them all together. We will help set it all up and provide trouble-shooting when necessary.
  • Professional DevelopmentWe love technology, but understand that not everybody else does, so we have created a series of Educator Workshops designed to be fun and informative. We can also create a workshop to meet your specific needs.  Please read Robotics And Beyond Professional Development for more information.
  •  In-School ProgramsWe have developed several modules designed to stimulate thought and interest in different aspects of science and technology; perfect for a school assembly or after school program.
  •  Homeschool OfferingsWe offer custom classes for homeschooled students. Classes can be held either at our New Milford location or a place of your choosing to minimize group travel. Please visit our Homeschool Program page for more information.
  • Extracurricular OpportunitiesTell us what you need – after school clubs? robotics competitions? mentoring opportunities? student internships? on-site summer camp curriculum? science lab field trips? – We will work with you to make it happen!
  • Educational ProductsWe have developed an educational tool, Step Turn And Learn™, to introduce lower school students to the basics of robotics and computer programming. Please click here for more information.


We are prepared to assist in any and all phases.