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Robotics And Beyond is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2003 and focused on science, technology, engineering, science and mathematics (STEM) and design. With many decades of combined industrial and teaching experience in all STEM and many design disciplines, the founders, staff and volunteers share a passion for encouraging and supporting the next generation of technologists, scientists, and creative thinkers. We have grown from 11 students in one week of summer camp to serving well over 300 youth and adults in summer and year-round programs from over 50 towns, three states and a 60 mile radius. Our programs serve K-12, college and alternative students, parents and teachers and are finding great interest and success, including high impact for individuals with different learning needs.

For a two-page Executive Overview, visit here.
For an overview of Robotics And Beyond history, mission and impact, visit here.
For details on some important high-impact program areas, visit here.


Our Mission is to help young people thrive in the technological world they encounter, discover talents, think and communicate effectively, create passionately, take pride in accomplishments, pursue fulfilling careers, give back and become models for future generations.

To accomplish this mission, we strive to:

  • Help young people discover and develop their talents in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Design-related fields, and inspire entry to these fields through insight to careers and education paths and the use of relevant resources and projects.
  • Provide a highly novel, creative and inspiring environment, with resources and guidance that promote thinking, problem solving and experimentation while displacing fear of failure.
  • Foster individual confidence, and communication and collaboration skills, through opportunities for individual students and team projects.
  • Serve young people and adults with different learning needs by providing environments, projects and guidance that meet their talents and needs.
  • Promote an appreciation, interest and passion for teaching among young people through our innovative and highly effective approach to mentor development.
  • Improve the ability and confidence of parents and professional teachers to promote STEM and design fields in their classrooms.


Our programs are marked by the integration of very broad ranges of age, interest, ability, learning style and geographic origin which has yielded impressive results and synergies. Students find an atmosphere of freedom of ideas, freedom to try and fail and try again, and interest and objective commentary by peers. Barriers between ages, towns, schools, interests, abilities disappear.

We create projects and use resources that are all relevant to careers and education paths to those careers, along with perspectives on both careers and education options. Our Peer-Mentoring and Internship programs have provided 1000’s of hours of invaluable learning and teaching experience for middle school, high school and college students. Peer mentoring for Robotics And Beyond is often cited by parents and students as the single most important and valuable experience of their pre-college years.

Impact (Numbers since 2004)

  • Peer Mentoring: provided 100+ Mentor positions to middle-school to college students.
  • Internships: 8 formal positions since 2005, 5 positions in 2013-14 alone.
  • Student Volunteering: 5500 hours since 2004.
  • Adult Volunteering: 6000+ hours by founders since 2004; 800+ hours by 30 other adult since 2009.
  • Students Served: over 700 since 2004.
  • Non-mentoring Student Activity Hours: 19,000+

Impact (Personal aspects)

  • Transformative experiences reported by students, parents, grandparents.
  • Students discover talents, interests, confidence, peer relationships.
  • Mentors discover challenge and reward of teaching.
  • Interns work deep into interests yielding direction, college and job opportunities.
  • Special Needs Students: Safe, inspiring, compatible, empathetic environment.
  • Projects that match talents and needs.
  • Relief and gratitude from parents desperate for resources.